Biotavia Pharm Ltd is involved in sales and marketing of medicines belonging to various therapeutic categories and medicines for mass consumption in India.

Currently, the organization is active in seven states: J & K, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Punjab and Bihar. We are going to launch Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Haryana in the year 2009 and would have an all India presence by 2010.

The brand list of Biotavia Pharm is an impressive and comprehensive combination of drugs belonging to different therapeutic categories. The therapeutic categories being covered by our Product range are: Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Surgery, Dermatology and Physicians.

Our constant effort for improvement of our products, processes and the skills of our workforce enable us to improve our offerings to our customers and consumers on a regular basis. The size of the field force and the training and motivation inputs that are continually provided have enabled the company leverage scale and penetration significantly.

Biotavia Pharm has been expanding and updating the range of its brands in market and has started to enjoy the recognition and acknowledgement among doctors and patients. At present, the organization offers medication from all the basic therapeutic categories for people in different ages with different needs.

Biotavia Pharm is actively involved in export of finished formulations for human and veterinary use.

Biotavia Pharm has business presence in CIS and African region and is looking for more business opportunities to expand its operations in these countries as well as in Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America.

The company has submitted its products for registration in Ukraine and will start the marketing in mid of 2009.

Every medicine supplied by Biotavia Pharm complies with US or British or EU Pharmacopoeias (where applicable) and our product registration dossiers are ready and can meet the requirement for submission in any country.

We ship orders of all size and track every stage of the shipment and provide the right certificates and documents to ensure trouble free importation into the desired country.

At heart, we're pharmacists, and we know what constitutes a quality medical product. Better still, we know how to maintain that quality at a keen price.

Above all, there is no substitute for judging quality at first hand. Please feel free to ask for samples and quotations.

At Biotavia Pharm, maximum emphasis is laid on Quality Assurance of products and procedures.

We are committed to offering only the very best pharmaceutical products to our consumers and healthcare professionals together with unsurpassed marketing support. They have come to expect the best and the finest from us and we have been able to do so because we comply to GMP standards in the manufacturing, production and packaging of all our products.

In the field of production, technology and development, Biotavia Pharm cooperates with carefully chosen partners. Combining reliable pharmaceutical knowledge with high quality technology, we offer medicines that are both therapeutically effective and cost efficient.

The products offered by Biotavia Pharm guarantee safety and ease of use to the patients. All the packages have always been provided with detailed information even if it was not required by the law. The products are additionally protected from being accidentally used by children, and in terms of size, they are adjusted to people's needs.

The corporate strategy of Biotavia Pharm is to meet the expectations of its users i.e. patients, doctors, and pharmacists, by providing them with reliable information whenever they expect it. We take numerous informational and educational actions aimed at doctors and pharmacists supplying them with all the data needed to provide their patients with exhaustive and trust worthy information on our medicines. Thanks to such actions, doctors and pharmacists are aware that they have safe and effective medicines at their disposal, which they can prescribe to their patients with full confidence.

We are working on the belief that a well integrated, market driven company with right products could succeed in an emerging economy. We are trying to attract finest talent and give them the environment to perform and excel.

Because of our creativity, innovation, marketing skills, accumulated expertise and talented people, we are very excited by our bright prospects for the future in the world market.